Buck's Story

Being separated from his children for eight years left Buck feeling alone and grieving. Through the support of others and training he overcame his depression.

I lost my children through a relationship breakup

That was difficult because it dragged on for such a long time that it became like part of my life that every day at night, I was alone.

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I would think about my kids and I would always be sad

While I was driving and at work, I would just cry all the time. I would drink until I fell asleep. I just tried to get out of reality and not be part of the system that I felt was causing me so much pain.

Depression or anxiety is different for everyone

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There was light at the end of the tunnel and every day I had support from my sister

She was there for me and without saying too much, she would always makes sure that she knew where I was. The biggest thing that I did and always helped me feel better was I trained.

There are things that can help you get through

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In service and doing something for other people, my life has changed

I have the greatest job in the world now. I give back to people that have been in my position. I give to them 150 percent and they give to me 150 percent back.

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This is what we do: we teach them a way out; that there is hope

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